Having your baby be diagnosed with a cleft condition can come as a shock to some families. It is normal to experience a range of different emotions yourself. The task of relaying this information to other people can seem overwhelming.

Step 1: Take the time you need to process the information yourself first.

Step 2: Contact CleftPALS QLD and we can arrange to send you an information pack with lots of up to date information about cleft conditions which you can share with friends and family. Alternatively, have a chat to one of our wonderful contact parents to discuss the realities and outcomes of having a child with the condition, so you are equipped with real-life, accurate information to answer any questions your family might have about the practicalities of feeding, surgeries, etc.

Step 3: Seek professional guidance from your GP or social services counsellor. They will be able to provide you with communication strategies which will help equip you with the tools you need to discuss your child’s cleft diagnosis with those around you.

Step 4: Direct your family and friends to the information available on the CleftPALS QLD webpage, via facebook or email links. Here, they will be able to find lots of useful and educational information which will allow them to more sensitively respond to and support your family in the coming months.