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Support Hotline/Answering Service: 1300 362 056

Fax: 1300 362 056


Post: PO Box 346, Red Hill Qld 4059

Bank Deposit Details: BSB:638-070 (Heritage) A/C No: 729 1248

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ABN 57 931 374 277

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CleftPALS QLD Inc has both a public facebook page for information and a private group for sharing stories, photos and information about children and adults born with a cleft condition.

Queensland Committee 2016 – 2017


Hayley Rowan

Vice President:

Belinda Heinze


Susan Raymont


Leonie Candy

Membership Secretary:


Contact Parent Co-ordinator:

Belinda Heinze

Bottle & Feeding Coordinator:

Rachael Hill

Pre & Post Op Feeding Coordinator:


General Committee Member:

Meg Vazey