Welcome to the official CleftPALS QLD Inc.

CleftPALS Qld Inc is a volunteer based non-profit organisation of parents and professionals involved in the treatment of the cleft condition. We aim to provide information and support to families from diagnosis until adulthood. In the early days everything can seem quite daunting but with the support of the CleftPALS community you soon realise that although your child is born with a cleft it does not define who they are.


Supporting families program

Have you recently found out you are expecting a cleft affected child and would like to talk to someone about what to expect?

CleftPALS Qld Inc. provides a variety of support services to families with cleft affected children.

This includes phone support, equipment, vouchers plus much more.


Want to be a volunteer?


I don't know how I would have coped if the CleftPALS were not there to help me. They made my journey with me first child so much better. THANK YOU

Germaine Lecei-van Welderen

Cleftpals is amazing! I will never forget that feeling of release having someone on the other end of the phone say all the things I was to scared to admit I was thinking. I only wish I had of contacted them as soon as I found out about them! Thank you Cleftpals for all the amazing work you do

Jen Louise